Bible Slots – They’re Real & They Need Some Better Music!

bible online casino slots

There is hardly a big theme that the online gambling industry hasn’t touched. From myths and legends, over book classics, to pop culture, there are slot machines featuring every topic under the sun. So, apparently, there are also Bible slots, and as much as it shouldn’t be a surprise, it is still a bit hard to wrap your head around it.

It isn’t hard to see how some people would have a problem with this idea but I personally think it is pretty cool. After all, there are Christian people who enjoy playing slots and these games cater to their preferences. And, if comments on the Bible Slots free Android app are any indicator, there are quite a few people who share this sentiment. Those who don’t can simply choose not to play them and play other slots instead.

Nice Selection of Slots with Biblical Themes

The aforementioned app collects Bible slots in one place and gives players a chance to play them for free. So, it isn’t a real money gambling app but rather an app meant primarily for entertainment. Users get a certain amount of free coins and can also purchase more coins with real money but there is no actual gambling taking place.

If you’d rather play for real money, there is that option too, as many of the traditional game developers have launched games with Biblical themes. Of course, all of these pokies can be played online for free as well. For example, there is Novomatic’s Sweet Sins, based on the story of Adam and Eve. Kalamba Games gives you a chance to try your luck playing Gates of Babylon.

Then, there are slots such as IGT’s Noah’s Ark or Plagues of Egypt by Fugaso. These and other games all revolve around well-known stories from the Christian holy book. And, if we’re being completely honest, many of these are just as exciting and enjoyable as myths and stories from other cultures, civilizations, and religions, so why not have some Bible slots in the mix?

Better Music: The Magic Ingredient That Is Required

The only thing that’s currently missing from these Bible-themed slot machines is better music. Most games based on other traditional themes find fitting soundtracks to incorporate into their games. For example, Chinese-themed slots will often feature traditional Oriental music and this helps create a much better gaming experience.

With Bible slots, though, it seems that developers often resort to generic music and don’t pay too much attention to this detail, which should be corrected. Adding nice Christian music to these games would definitely make them more appealing to the target audience and developers could perhaps consider reaching out to Israel Houghton to get his music for these purposes.

It is safe to say that everyone who enjoys games with these themes would love them that much more if they also included some fitting tunes to really set up the atmosphere and help players get more involved with the slots. So, while it may be too late to change old Biblical slots at this point, it is definitely something to consider for any future releases waiting in the pipeline.