Israel’s Latest Project Love God. Love People

Look for it on itunes or at a store near you on August 31st!

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  1. Hello, My name is Rickey Lawson and my wife and I are trying to get our ministry up and going. We are currently creating a website through intuit websites and we wanted to know if it was possible to get permission from your company to use two of the songs from Israel’s latest CD. Thank you for your time and your consideration.

  2. Gavin Swartz says:

    God bless you Israel,Indeed you are a blessing to all around the world and especially for us in Namibia,Africa,All the best with the conference in London,wish i could have made it with you guy`s – you Rock!!!

  3. boldbanky5 says:

    I just wanna say a big God Bless to Israel for how you have yielded to God and you’ve allowed Him to use you powerfully. I thank God for Love God Love People Project it was indeed a blessing most especially the Surprise Track with Fred Hammond revived my first love for God.
    If I am permitted I will say it like this. I am currently enrolled at Biola University and 2012 Spring semester was a huge burden 12 units combined with work. I did something silly i thought it’s just 12 units, all i need was planning and i set a goal for A’s but where i missed the BIG IDEA was that i allowed my schedule/plan to take the place of my fellowship with God. I almost lost my passion for God, confession dwindling, bible reading sometimes and I never noticed all was going down until the mid of the semester when i saw my grades with C’s and D’s. Right there Holy Spirit ministered to me that i’ve been running on my own strength and energy that’s why everything is going in the direction it is. My testimony is while i was seeking God’s face for direction on where to go next and i was listening to couple of worship on my iTunes my Genius slipped in Surprise and i listened patiently. The rason why i said patiently was because i listen to the tune and flow of the album but not the wordssss. However, through Surprise Holy Spirit has revived me now am on fire, loading myself with meditation on Scriptures and consuming books on God’s Redeeming Love. THANK YOU AND THANK YOU. YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING SENT FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

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  5. Kathleen Yoannon says:

    Hi, all I just wanna say keep up the good work. Also that I received my tongues while listening to Israel’s song Just Wanna Say! Well actually while I was watching the music video of the song. So keep up the good work, and know that your changing lives