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  1. Nana Yaa Boadu says:

    amazingly inspiring!!! Way to Go, Israel! God bless you and enlarge you to reach even further with the simple truth of His love!

  2. I love your music. You are truly inspiring.

    In God’s grace,

    Natalina Gonzalez

    A believer too:)

  3. Marianna says:

    Israel and New Breed:
    Thank you for coming to Houston and allowing Lakewood to be inspired by this absolutely beautiful album. I just want to hear it over and over and over and over!!! Can someone please tell me when TBN is going to televise your appearance at Lakewood? I thought it was live but my family says no one saw it…..I’m confused. I would love to see it put on DVD and offered to buy. It was the best! I am forever changed Israel…I really mean it!
    THANK YOU AND God Bless from Houston, Texas

  4. Zenaya W. says:

    I just saw you at Family Christian Center in Munster, IN, and you and your band were incredible! I hope to become a fine musician like yourself in a few years! God bless you and your family!

  5. blessedbabe says:

    Israel, you are a blessing. Continue to stretch your talent and gifts! I mean, the voice alone is great, but you have this effortless knack of creating uplifting tunes and incorporating extraordinary lyrics, too? Come on, it has to be this God-given thing that God only uniquely imparts to you!

    So proud to see you represent a different nation — the Kingdom nation — that of Jesus, in the Grammys along with the greats such as Aretha Franklin! Your performance is amazing.

    Hope you can travel around Asia, particularly Southeast Asia. Kindly post it in the news!!

  6. DRobinson says:

    Love God Love People is a blessing. I love the entire album, absolutely awesome. May God continue to bless you.

  7. All Things New says:

    One of my greatest witnessing moments was driving through DC, specifically down Pennsylvania Ave. after purchasing the Power of One CD at an event in Dale City VA with Isreal and New Breed, with my top down and All Thing New blasting as loud as my CD player would go!!!! DC got the message that day thanks to Isreal and New Breed!!!!! Bless you and all the you do for the Kingdom. You are making a difference!!!!


  9. eric beasley says:

    Your recent appearance at the Fathers House in Rochester NY was an amazing experience. My 14 year old son and I stood 2nd row dead center(ironically right behind your wife) the entire show! My spirit soared and my son was also greatly encouraged. May God continue to bless u!

  10. Renee says:

    Israel you are my favorite artist and I have been a fan for years! I believe I have all of your cds. I just saw you in NYC and had a great time. THANKS!!! May God continue to bless your work! <3 one love. By the way my family is from Jamaica! I look like you though…lol! Take care!

  11. Michael D. Thomas says:

    WOW! Here we go again! Blessings to you Israel and congrats on another successful launch into deep water. From New Season to Love God Love People I have been tremendously blessed by your ministry. Keep doing what you do. Big ups to A. Lindsey as well!

  12. Sharon says:

    Israel we saw you in New York City (my daughter and I) and what anointing was poured upon the ministry that evening. With your encouragement that evening we sponsored a child in Africa. Your new albut is the first thing I hear besides my prayers to the Father. After going through several losses this year it was a blessing for us to be amongst the people to see and enjoy you in person. I love you and I love God!!! You are a friend of mine and we call you friend. Thank you for coming to New Yawk City. One Love!!!

  13. Gypsy Hicks says:

    Dear Mr. Haugton, I had the awesome
    opportunity of going on a recent missions trip with my church World
    Changers Church International to the beautiful country of Haiti. We
    had the honor of leading praise & worship at a church service in Tentiyan, Haiti which is the site of where 25,000 unknown
    Haitians are buried. The song that brought tears to their
    Eyes was God has not forgotten! Thank
    you for that annointed song, it really ministered to those people and allowed them to know that God still loves them & He has not forgotten them!

  14. Moud Ishemunyoro says:

    Watched you guys sing last nyt on TBN and l was filled with tears koz u guys rock……. Israel u blessed en thank you for giving us suc an intimate worhip in South Africa…xoxoxo

  15. hi Israel
    i watched you on TBN last night doing the songs from your album “Love God Love People.” i felt so inspired!!!
    i work with young people and children through Scripture Union in South Africa. i am running a teen camp called PAY IT FORWARD at the end of this month and have been looking around for inspirational youth friendly music to use at my camp. i am going out to buy your CD because it will be perfect for the camp. your testimony was so inspiring also, is it possible to get that on DVD so i can show it at my camp? where can i get it?
    these are teens from previously disadvantaged backgounds who have been learning about and experiencing the hope of Jesus Christ in the time i have known them. i hope they will now learn to share that with others. thank you for being such a great example of being Jesus to His people, i feel blessed every time i listen to your CD’s. i pray you will always be filled so as to fill others. may God continue to bless you.

  16. Juanita says:


    Just wanted to know is there a DVD Release of the new album, “Love God Love People?”

  17. Layla says:

    Hello Israel,
    I was looking through your website to see where I could post a comment to you and your band. I just want to say that right @ this moment I have been healed through listening to your CD and especially the song “You Hold my World”….I was sexually abused as a teen and for many years pushed it to the side. I got saved a couple of years back, but hadn’t been healed from this. Today I was confronted with the reality of what had happened 11 years ago and didn’t know how to face my fears. I gave it all to God while listening to this song and the Lord completely took over my life. And just like the verse in the song says I have done “I believe You have forgiven me And by Your grace I will forgive” Now I know that HE IS GOD and he will NEVER let go of me. I would love to meet you one day in person to pray with you and show my gratitude towards your obedience to God. God Bless You and your band. And THANK YOU for allowing God to use you so that the lives of others can be transformed through your ministry.

  18. Hello, I like your post. We wish everybody might pay such focus on their publish as you perform. I arrived acros your blog upon yahoo when looking for the compartment. I will come back to your blog. I am sorry for my poor englisch, i’m from the holland. Sincerely from the holland!

  19. Abigail K says:

    Thank you for your music and your ministry. Can you reveal whether or not you will release a DVD for Love God.Love People? It is such a beautiful project. Grace & Peace to you, your team and your family.

  20. jerlene says:

    Israel am just happy that I have a little place where I can comment but I want to know if you hav time to read all this beautiful comments..At my church they use the song the alpha and omegoand that song dig way down in my being according to that pastor and this was the first there is no way you can resist the holy spirit when you and your team sing that songI enquire about the song and i went to a christian book store and sing the song for them , just for me to get the right one (cd)They gave me thePackage with CD and dvd I reluctantly took the the the package title ISRAEL ANDNEW BREED ALIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA and now my life will never be the same I worship wit it in the morning and the last to worship at night Tomorrow am going to get another copy foe this one seems to paly too much and am lso gettin one for my daughter who fell in love with withdvd also now I keep the cds in my car and the dvd i travel with you and your team are doing agreat job because you change my life May God bless you ministery …… be continued

  21. jerlene says:

    This DVD is very Inspiring You can see the Holy spirit was realy in that Place I love to watch the back up singers hope fully i will learn the names soon since i only have the songs two weeks now I love to watch the on who play the piano and continue the alpha song when you wer deep in the spirtt I also love to watvhe the drummer and alsothat young man was wearing a grey burgandy sweater. ITS IS REALY AN INSPIRING DVD AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO COME TO FORT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA I hope I will be informed may God bless your ministery.

  22. Dionne says:

    WOW….I thought power of one was amazing. Then this came…. I listen to Love God, Love People almost everyday. One of my most favourite albums of all time. Israel, may God continue to bless ur ministry as u bless others like me!
    By the way, its time to come back to Jamaica again! Pleassseee!

  23. So awesome to hear that the WORD is on late night TV! Keep up the good work, Israel! “great is your reward”!
    So proud of you and of the fine musician and singer you are! Thanks for all you do.
    May HE bless you always with strength, courage, inspiration, and loving commitment to continue in the way of truth and in teaching others to do so. I pray for your protection daily.
    Much love,

  24. Tucker James says:

    BLESSINGS! Israel, I pray that it be God’s Will that you continue in the path you’re blazing in your music ministry. Love God Love People: I can’t find the words to express my appreciation for this music and its message. I’m in a season of turbulence, but GOD’s Will, Grace, Mercy nad Deeper, Rejoice, Love God Love People, and Live In South Africa are in the midst: HOSANNA!

  25. Robert Fox says:

    LOVE Your Weblog

  26. Cindy Saul says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE AT CRC Bloemfontein this past sunday! over 500 people got saved!!!!!! it was awesome!!! Praise God!!! may he continue to use you!!!thank you so for coming for coming!!!! HOPE YOU WILL COME AGAIN!

    South Africa loves you!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ravinn says:

    Why doesn’t anyone see anything wrong with the compromise that was shown on the Jay Leno show? Inclusion? Self promotion? Why is it so important to validate one’s ‘ministry’ with a listing of all your awards. I am a FAN of the gospel and am willing to walk away from any ‘artist’ that starts to water down the gospel of Christ. To be friends with the world is to be an enemy of God!!!! Would your ‘ministry’ have less impact or status had you not won ANY awards or does it stand on it’s on, which is supposed to be on the Word of God?

    Silent NO MORE!

  28. Ri says:

    Dear Israel and New Breed,

    I have been really blessed with your music these years.
    However, I don’t feel peace with the term “Love God. Love People.” In Genesis, one of the earliest commandment God gave to human being was to be the steward over the animals and the Earth. God also never uses the term “People” when he mentioned this commandment, both in NT or OT. This is because we cannot live just by loving God and loving people alone. God says, “Love God. Love your neighbor”. If we only love people and treat the rest of the world as merely a tool, the result is natural disasters, like what have happened and becoming more often these days.
    Our shallow understanding of “neighbor” has led us to an attitude of exploiting all others that are not human being.
    John 3:16 says: for God so loved THE WORLD. It doesn’t say for God so loved PEOPLE.
    He takes care of the sparrows. Why? Because He loves them. If God loves the sparrow, and even pictures Himself as a good (caring, responsible, sacrificial) shepherd to the sheep. How can we, the fellow creation of the sparrows and sheep, and the appointed steward over them, not love them, too?
    I think the correct term should be “Love God. Love others”.
    If you can’t directly believe my explanation, please seek God. He was the one who gave me this understanding when I asked Him.

    God bless you.