Thursday, 24 June, 2010

First off let me apologize for being terrible when it comes to consistent blogging. My 13 year old daughter is faithful to her blog;  I just can’t seem to stay with it. But imma try. Ok?

I’m writing this blog to say that I have a stronger sense of anticipation than I have ever had as it relates to my work. We’ve been burning some serious midnight oil to finish the mix on the new record LOVE GOD LOVE PEOPLE the London Sessions… And what I’m hearing is special.

In January we traveled to the famous Abbey Rd. Studios In London to record this new record.That in and of itself was a dream come true; something I’ve hoped to  do my entire 20 years of recording. These songs have come together in such an impacting way to me. I haven’t laughed or cried so much while working through any recording. Even being this close to these songs has not jaded me. If anything it has enhanced my sensitivity toward the message.

I’m so excited for you to her these songs. I’ll blog more soon about each song. The title track found us experimenting with some new sounds for me but the song is infectious, and I dare you not to move your feet when you hear it. The melody will stick to your bones. And definitely your kids’ bones. It has already passed the Houghton/Lindsey kids test….

I anticipate great things as far as impacting culture, church, and the world alike. Thank you for being my friend.



Saturday, 4 April, 2009


I’m truly grateful today.

I’m grateful to God for the myriad of opportunities He has given me through the years, to realize the dream of helping others find encouragement, hope, and a true connect with God through music.

I’m grateful for my wife and family who inspire me and challenge me every day to pursue the heart of God for our lives.

I’m so very thankful to you for taking the time to read this, to buy a record, to suggest it to others.

To you who pray for me and NewBreed often…. Truly grateful.

We had a great discussion the other night before our concert in Charlotte. Jerry Harris reminded us of the power of gratitude. I then asked the whole group and crew “what are you grateful for?” Great answers… I’ll ask you the same thing…. “WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR TODAY?” Hit me back…. Lemme know.

To everyone who has purchased (buy don’t burn……) the POWER OF ONE cd, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping it to debut at Billboard #1. Who knows what else this project may accomplish? Just know that I know YOU had a massive part to play in it.




Friday, 3 April, 2009


That is a line from a song called “Keep it Real”

that I did on our record called REAL in 2002.

Until now it is still one of my favorite records.

(if you don’t have it yet, it’s only $5.99 on iTunes) 🙂

The entire line sings….

“When I think about my Mama,

The sacrifice she made,

She carried the whole world on her shoulders,

Just to keep me safe,

hopeless and abandoned,

fatherless and afraid…..”

This morning, I just looked at my calendar to see that

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and I always hear this song

in my head. Every night on tour I share a portion of

my testimony of how my Mom made a tough decision

to keep me and every night people respond with

similar stories or thank you’s for the encouragement.

It’s amazing… The POWER OF ONE …ONE choice,

ONE moment, ONE life, ONE destiny. You change the world

by changing YOUR world. She did it. You can too.

With Mother’s Day only a month away, be thinking NOW

how you can honor your Mama or if she is passed, how

to honor her memory. We only get one Mom. Make sure

she knows today and tomorrow and the next day

and Mother’s day how much she is loved.

And… U R loved…