First off let me apologize for being terrible when it comes to consistent blogging. My 13 year old daughter is faithful to her blog;  I just can’t seem to stay with it. But imma try. Ok?

I’m writing this blog to say that I have a stronger sense of anticipation than I have ever had as it relates to my work. We’ve been burning some serious midnight oil to finish the mix on the new record LOVE GOD LOVE PEOPLE the London Sessions… And what I’m hearing is special.

In January we traveled to the famous Abbey Rd. Studios In London to record this new record.That in and of itself was a dream come true; something I’ve hoped to  do my entire 20 years of recording. These songs have come together in such an impacting way to me. I haven’t laughed or cried so much while working through any recording. Even being this close to these songs has not jaded me. If anything it has enhanced my sensitivity toward the message.

I’m so excited for you to her these songs. I’ll blog more soon about each song. The title track found us experimenting with some new sounds for me but the song is infectious, and I dare you not to move your feet when you hear it. The melody will stick to your bones. And definitely your kids’ bones. It has already passed the Houghton/Lindsey kids test….

I anticipate great things as far as impacting culture, church, and the world alike. Thank you for being my friend.


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  1. Marques King says:

    Ill feel honored to be the first person to repsond on a blog board of…but thanks To God for being you….I got saved like 9 years ago and your music was i began to listen to at that time…that music that helped me develop my passion for God, worship music, and praise and worship…9 years later I love God more than ever, anwnser my call to ministry, and continue to develop myself as a psalmist and praise and worhsip leader, and in the last 2 years i have began playing the keys and strings and i love it; writting my own songs and what not…Soooooo…thanks for being you and being a vessel of our God man…duces..LOL

  2. RUEBEN says:




  3. Sarah, Lin says:

    hello~I’m from Asia, Taiwan…
    I just wanna tell you that your worship songs really really help me a lot!!!Restore my faith, my hope and my passion for God! Thank God to create a man like you, and thank you to respond His calling so that we could be served right now.Praise our Mighty God and wish you&New Breed run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint.
    btw: our church sing your songs in chinese, too!

  4. Tre Michael says:

    Very Nice, I’m excited to hear the new stuff. And no worries that you’re not doin much blogging– You’re hatching the music out! I was actually surprised when I heard that there’s a new album.

    haha If you want you can check out my blog brother!

  5. I can’t wait to hear it! I love your sound- a universal sound, spreading God’s truth and love. Thank you for being our friend, and sharing your gift with the world!

    I’ll take the music over the blog post anyday too!

  6. Gee says:

    Wow!! I feel sooo blessed again with this new album!!! Praise the JESUS!!
    Thank You for the time and soooo much effort that you put into your music! and for being an open vessel for God to flow through your music:)
    Shaka!! Thanks for being you:) really appreciate you!!

    More fire n Bliss in JC!!

  7. I just had to send this shout out since getting LOVE GOD. LOVE PEOPLE, I have been telling people at my school this is the best album I have ever had. And I was a Michael Jackson fan. But this is the best album ever in my opinion. And prior to this album my favorite of yours was the A Timeless Christmas but LOVE GOD. LOVE PEOPLE has not left my iPhone yet. God bless.

    Minister Wayne II

  8. Marla says:


    I purchased Love God Love People yesterday. What an awesome work of God. I write and send out a devotional to a mailing list of people during the week. The Lord had me do a series of devotions on Love…wow how He transformed my thinking on the subject. As I listened to this CD it was if you were on the journey with me. Keep being obedient to the will of God. This music continues to bless me. Be blessed.

  9. San says:

    This CD is WOW! It put me in awe, I can’t find the right word or words. The title itself is what GOD has been speaking to me for several months. May God continue to Bless you with songs/words. Your testimony itself is an inspiration. Thank you to your Mother. Through your songs people are healed,delivered, and set free. The Father , Son and Holy Spirit is the in presence of each song.
    Thank you Israel for accepting your calling.
    May God continue to Bless you and your family and everyone surrond around you.

  10. It was time for a new album and you came with it! Awesome job and God is glorified above all. He will continue to bless and open doors as long as HIs message is being delivered. Keep it right and keep it tight. Thanks for the new tunes to bump to! I’m ready for a concert near me…

  11. allison says:

    HEY I just want to say that i could feel the spirit of the LONDON?beatles sound in the end of this new song, it was soooooooooooooo weird. I felt the beatles in my spirit. I mean God loved John Lennon too. weird though, keep up the great work.

  12. Vanessa says:

    Can’t say enough about the album, stylistically musically – excellence in Motion! But beyond even all that is the trust and confidence that you give us all Iz… to keep trusting in teh power of the Holy Spirit to keep and keep ‘saving us from ourselves. Thanks for the standard that you daily raise up and live by.. it is a powerful testimony.
    Also been listening to some of your other vocal gems 9 even if you didn’t actually write ‘um…. they feel like Houghton songs- in particular “Wrap Your arms around me”, the live version of “This Is Our God” and “None But Jesus”.
    You touch lives daily that you have no idea where they are. I was just skyping with friends in Pakistan and Dubai and they love your music as well- even though they have to listen to it in secret.

    Looking forward to meeting you and your wonderful family when you are next in The Bahamas

  13. Lydie says:

    Thank you Mr./Brother Houghton…..

    I just got your CD a week ago… Love God. Love People……I’m speechless (keyless..??) right now… I just really just… thank You Jesus for guiding my steps to that store to buy this CD.. Please, Lord, I pray, cover this man, his family and the whole New Breed…. Love God. Love people. found me right on time…. I’m sorry for taking up space here… I just simply wanted to thank you Mr./Brother Houghton for this CD… May God keep and cover you guys… and may God help me carry out, here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the message of Jesus… Pure, simple LOVE.

  14. BIG RIS says:

    Hey Israel and New Breed team!
    I purchased the CD about a couple of weeks ago, and I just can’t have it have from me everyday! I even carry it at work.. lol
    Well, this is just wonderful, I use to watch the newz every night home; there’s something who tragically miss to our world today and I think that this CD reminds all of us here about the most important thing: L.O.V.E

  15. Ashley. says:

    I went to your concert last night in Dix Hills, NY and I was blessed. It was wonderful and I was glad I went. Your music is amazing and each and everyone of your songs send a great message to people out there. A friend of mine was playing your whole album in the car and I was like,’oh man another amazing album from Israel’. You are blessed in so many ways and your music has inspired me to get closer to God and love Him even more. Thank you for being who you are and I will continue to pray for you guys. Stay blessed!!!

  16. Hi Israel, your concert in Nairobi blessed so many people and is featured in the October 2010 issue of KWELI, “Africa’s hottest free online magazine”! Visit or check out KWELI Magazine on Facebook to experience multimedia coverage of the gig.

  17. Heather says:

    Hey! You probably don’t remember but I went to New Song church and was in the youth group and attended summer camp the year that you lead worship. I JUST stumbled upon your website/blog. So blessed by your music. I LOVE seeing God shine Himself through mad talent like yours, and showering His blessings. Rock on!

  18. Sonesta says:

    Saw you on Fox yesterday ( suprising as I ususally don’t watch that channel) what a wonderful example of hope love and purpose. Love this latest album wow. The Message..God’s heartbeat. What a messenger.
    One day I would love to hear you sing “Desert Song” -that sounds like it was meant for you Iz. …Thanks for not letting us down man…not that you’re perfect.. but I hope you know what I mean..the onging demonstration in your public life of the Power of the Holy Spirit which can keep us..if we want to be kept.
    God Bless you and your wonderful family.

  19. Donna L says:

    I did not know any other way to contact you but I wanted to let you know how touched I was at the Redemption concert.
    I was working in the control room with the camera crew. Then during the concert you mentioned some things about you mom. You said that she was not in good shape when she got pregnant. You talked about how she was pressured to have an abortion. Then you spoke of how grateful you were that you did not meet that fate. The tears welled up in my eyes because my daughter is about to have a baby girl. She is not on drugs but has some medical issues that made her a high risk preganancy. She is a student in college and single. She does not have a lot of money right now and was pressured to get an abortion by others. I was never so proud of her as when she called me and said “I tried to call a clinic but just could not do it.” I cried because I can now look forward to the day her daughter (my grand-daughter) stands before others and says she is grateful she was not aborted. Thanks for sharing. It does not matter how imperfect you or anyone else is. It is just a matter of how much God loves us, forgives us and how we love Him.

  20. Esme says:


  21. Jeanine says:


  22. Justin says:

    You have to come to PERTH, Western Australia!!!

  23. This is a quote from you in an interview Israel:

    “Our lives are defined by the hope of bringing definition to other people’s life”

    God has used you in a tremendous way in my life to clarify my vision in such a simple way. May our Lord continue to use you in such way. We praise God for what he does through you. Continue to be blessed.

  24. Fam. Fonseca says:

    Hi Iz and the New Breed band,

    This is just a special thanks from Holland.
    We truely had a blessed the 2nd of january in den Hage.

    Our 10 year old son Jayke was a little disappointed that he couldn’t shake your hands and thank you guys personaly.

    We love you guys.
    God uses you by your music to encourage us and lift our spirits up in hard times and to stay focused on Jesus on a daily basis.

    Our daugther Alysa (just turned 4) loves to listen to the track “You found me” at 7 AM as we drive to kindergarden.

    Blessings and hopefully we’ll see you guys soon again in Holland,

    Sean, Suri, Jayke & Alysa Fonseca

    • i dont even know how to start or if u will even get this but i will try anything right now and dont worry i’m not a stalker just really need some kinda help right now cuz i’ve been trying to do something wit my life to become something that god can smile at. right now my life is so stupid that i struggle with keeping myself from crying every day and my heart hurts so mush because of my pain i just need help and you seem like u get to talk to god israel i’m not looking for a financial donation or that u wud come to my country i just want you to pray to god for me cuz if he wont take my pray maybe he will take urs cuz the prays of the righteous prevails so i guess i’m not but u r
      please just help me cuz i just want to run away from life cuz just like paul i am dispair of life so please please plaese please just pray for me i know i’m not rich and famous but i love god and music and i am gettin no where in either plaese if u get this dont ignore it i need ur help i’m leaving my email adress also my number +12687781593 also i’m on facebook all i want is for u to tell me if u prayed you dont have to talk to me for long just say if u did

  25. Nilsa says:

    Hey Iz!

    Wonderful projects… sounds of heaven hidden in the simplest form: CD and mp3s! God bless you, your family, and ministry! My husband and I lead the worship in our church in Pembroke Pines, FL and we admire your excellence in composition, music, etc… we consider ourselves amateurs in songwriting but we feel very inspired by your work to press forward. Hope to one day swap song ideas to get your feedback ;o) (before Jesus comes back any time soon, LOL)… it would truly be an honor :oD

    Nilsa and the fam.

  26. Kim A. Johnsen says:

    Hi Israel

    After I first heard of you and New Breed three year ago, my musical life has never been the same. And even when Real and Live From Another Level is so powerful and majestic, the albums and recordings after that kicks better and better. You guys are living your vision and that authentic lifestyle connect hearts. Thanks for being you.

    In my country Norway Islael & New Breed are not well known. What a loss! Norway scores highest as the best country to live in with great welfare system. We have it all! Don´t need God, we are self-focused and powerty is fare away, resulting in dry non-growing churches.

    The Norwegian and Scandinavian church are spiritual poor and needs to wake up for God´s perspective, finding and embracing our core task, living in gratutude (the 3Gs…B-) and love for others.

    I am a 38 year old (male) vocalist, journalist and great Israel & New Breed fan. How can I help to bring your music to Scandinavia? I´ll hope you´ll get to visit Norway some day, I guarantee you an unforgettable experience! Blessed to be a blessing.

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  28. Robinson Rios says:

    My name is Robin Rios. I am the representative RSPRODUCCIONESin Chile.
    I am writing to express my interest in being able to have the support of Israel Houghton’s ministry in my country, and who have greatly impacted our country with his music and devotion to God.

    That is why we want you to have a tour to be held in Chile in order to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    someone translates my mails to
    English. but please talk by mail

  29. Kimberly J says:

    Please come to Charlotte, North Carolina!
    IF the Democratic Party Convention can be sustained here you certainly will be welcome!
    Come to the friendliest and most diverse place in the south!
    God wants you to come…

    Kimberly J.

  30. Adelia says:

    Thanks for coming to Florida, Feb. 25 at “Church in The Sun”. It is awesome after a hard day of work as a public music teacher to be ministered to is a musical treat. Our second time hearing you in Orlando!!! My husband and I enjoyed your ministry God has blessed you with—writing, band, singers/vocal, & stage crew. Maybe next time you come through town you could have an autograph session. Just downloaded the “Power of One” CD and just listening to your new one “Love God. Love People” I purchased at the concert. Your concert prices are great and affordable.

  31. Tavare Stevenson says:

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for such God-filled music. I’m getting married in January 2012 all the way down here in Australia and will be using oh so many of your songs for the service. What better day than my wedding day to praise God! Hosanna (Be lifted higher) is what I’ll be walking down the isle to.

    So, thank you. You and New Breed are of course invited and in your understandable absence, I will make sure we rock out properly and glorify Him like He deserves!

    Kind regards,


  32. Wayne Abel says:

    Hey Israel,

    We’re feeling as inspired as anything. LOVE your work and where Gid is taking you. Stumbled on some old tapes from Durban, South Africa (1994-Piercing the Darkness)…wild!! Hopefully catch you in Melbourne or Auckland next month.

    Much love,
    Wayne Abel

  33. After I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  34. Jay Garcia says:


    You, Aaron and New Breed have been such a blessing! I listen to you 24/7! REAL was the first album I bought of yours and have been hooked since! Your testimony has been so moving that I share it everytime I speak to young girls in that situation and becuase of it many lives have been rescued, saved and transformed. Your passion for God and for the people is so admiring and I know we ain’t seen nothing yet 🙂 I’m coming to a new season in my life I’ll be seeing you soon in HOUSTON! BE BLESSED!!!!!!

  35. Scott Dawley says:


    I love the way you throw contemporary secular music rifts and themes into your music. Please consider “Time after Time” as a bridge or outro! I can imagine how those words with a focus on Jesus would really touch people. “If you’re lost, you can look and YOU WILL FIND ME, time after time! If you fall, I WILL CATCH YOU, I will be waiting, time after time.”!!!! God Bless

  36. Desne says:

    Israel. I am a fan of your work I love the crazy sounds of your music. With each album you minister into my life, your music is always spot on, in the spirit. I view you as a minister, not a musician, your lyrics are like sermons. I promise you, through every challenge i have faced, your music, the lyrics, spoke about it and kept me going 🙂

    I always have the same comment when it comes to your music…”yauwh Israel he is prophetc jong”

    God Bless
    Straigh from South Africa 🙂

  37. ms evans says:

    mr isreal first let me say thank you for all of your Godly work i love love your music all of your cds are very positive and up lifting. out of africa yes!!!awesome but i was on youtube earlier today and i was listening to this young lady sing an alicia keys song some people want it all but very nice anyway as i scrolled down i came across this husband and wife he plays the guitar acoustic guitar they are awesome you have please check them out they go by the name of CO-E SION they are awesome he plays that guitar like it brought tears to my eyes they are from austrialla down under lol please please check out and who ever reads this please check them i believe they just need to be heard her voice is so beautiful and natural i see that you are going to be in austrialla in july please listen to them trust me they are good and i love music

  38. Jamie says:

    Hi Israel,

    I see that for one of your tour dates you are scheduled to be in Harare, Zimbabwe. We live just over the border in Livingstone, Zambia (well it’s a little further than just over the border but it’s super close nevertheless!). I took a vote and we all want you to come to Livingstone, Zambia! 🙂


  39. Diana says:

    We loved your performance at church Saturday. Your song for Sudan is beautiful. Church was full of tears. Beautiful! God bless!

  40. betsy willis says:

    Mr. Israel, I heard you several years ago in a little fellowship on Anderson Rd. in Austin. Loved your music then, loving it now…
    I’m a beginner, Djembe player- giving God a little and asking Him to let me hear the music of Heaven- it’s working- Keep encouraging us!!!!

  41. Darryl D'Armond says:

    Hello Isreal. I was blessed to play music(guitar) with you for 4 years running at Kick Back under Eric Knox at New Song Church in Portland, Oregon. I know you are very busy and famous to the point that no one can talk to you anymore. I would be grateful if you find time to say hi 503 939 4369. In deep admiration and respect, Darryl D’Armond.

  42. Jeff W. says:

    Hello Israel,
    Just want to say that I was blessed on Sunday at both services to hear you share a message with us at Free Chapel (Get the Yes Out of the Way). The praise & worship was a great continuation from Forward, and I’m learning to establish the YES to God’s will and His Way.
    I pray that you and the family are blessed with Safe Travels and you spread the gospel.

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  44. Danielle says:

    Isreal, THANK you for blessing the attendees of Joyce Meyers conference this weekend!! Please, please tell me the song titles of what you sang there so I can purchase them, can’t wait til you come to the City Church next month!!

  45. i dont even know how to start or if u will even get this but i will try anything right now and dont worry i’m not a stalker just really need some kinda help right now cuz i’ve been trying to do something wit my life to become something that god can smile at. right now my life is so stupid that i struggle with keeping myself from crying every day and my heart hurts so mush because of my pain i just need help and you seem like u get to talk to god israel i’m not looking for a financial donation or that u wud come to my country i just want you to pray to god for me cuz if he wont take my pray maybe he will take urs cuz the prays of the righteous prevails so i guess i’m not but u r
    please just help me cuz i just want to run away from life cuz just like paul i am dispair of life so please please plaese please just pray for me i know i’m not rich and famous but i love god and music and i am gettin no where in either plaese if u get this dont ignore it i need ur help i’m leaving my email adress also my number +12687781593 also i’m on facebook all i want is for u to tell me if u prayed you dont have to talk to me for long just say if u did

  46. DL Foster says:

    Isreal Houghton were/are you aware that the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St Louis is a homosexual Christian denomination? Were/are you aware that as a judge on HSTS, you has advanced them as regional winners? This is a serious question and I would like to hear from Isreal Houghton as to whether (1) you knew this church in St Louis is a choir of open homosexuals and (2) what do you plan to do about them participating in a gospel event?

  47. Glenda says:

    Hi Israel,
    I was at Lakewood last Sunday as usual and I was so happy that you were there blessing us wtih your beautiful songs as well as music from God.I am so grateful to have the luxory to attend a church where you perform regularly if not on tour. God has blessed you with some wonderful gifts that touch so many souls and hearts. I pray that He continues to bless you and your family as you continue to be a blessing to us all. Thank you so much for what you do!

  48. Eva Natali says:

    Hi Israel,

    I’m Eva from Indonesia. I’ve been listening to ur music and it’s been a great massive blessing. Your music has been such an inspiration. It kinda change how we worship Jesus. Please send my regards to Aaron Lindsey. I play keys and he is awesome for sure! Can’t wait to see u in February at Singapore Expo. Godspeed

  49. College Info says:

    Wohh exactly what I had been looking for, thank you for putting up.|

  50. Joyce says:

    I was at the Joyce Meyer’s Women’s Conference this year and Israel was there and sang the song “Jesus be the Center, it’s all about You”. I fell in love with this song. Please tell me what the name of the Album that it will be coming out on and when the Album will be released to the public? I was told it would be the first part of the year. Please Help!! Thanks & God Bless, Joyce

  51. Randel Stubbs says:

    On Saturday, Feb. 18, I was listening to ‘Alive in South Africa’ and was blessed on two levels: the ministry of the music and when I recalled the praise performance rendered by Israel and New Breed in Joburg, South Africa in Oct. ’08 as part of the MegaFest. My prayer is that all of those connected to the music ministry of Israel and New Breed prospers in spirit and in health.

  52. angela hardy says:

    Hi. Just want to say that in the midst of my depression, I listen to your music and am uplifted so much. Thank you.

  53. jasper moodley says:

    israel you are the best gods favour is on you

  54. Hi Sir Israel Houghton,, I just wanna say thank you for giving us a chance to have a concert here in the Philippines last April 21, 2012 with the Planetshakers. Many Filipinos are bless to you, And i know & I feel that you are not satisfied in that concert, Would you please come back here and make some concerts here Please

    God Bless You & your Band!

  55. Penny Bowers says:

    Israel, any word when the new CD will be out? I introduced my fiance to your music when you recorded the live CD at Lakewood in February. The man has been jamming every since! He has bought two more of your cd’s and he keeps asking me when the new one will be released! So, can you give us an idea of when the live cd will be available? Keep pressing on, because we keep jamming to New Breed’s music everywhere we go! Love ya brother!

  56. Greetings, Israel

    I am so pleased that all is well with you. I just happened to be listening to Pandora tonight and one of your songs touched me. It reminded me to reach to check out your site. I did not know you had a blog. Continue to allow the scribe in you to come forth.

    I sent a message out to two people on your new breed to pray for you and send an message of intercession. I had many praying for you and interceding for you. The enemy was trying to send an affliction upon you. The enemy is a liar and defeated. You are the son of the Most High King, Jesus Christ. He will cover you. Meditate over Psalme 139. Your Heavenly Father will be with you always.

    Get plenty of rest, sleep, and proper diet.

    Take care my brother,

    Prophet C.

  57. Junior Taula says:

    Even though the album has been out for awhile now… i tell ya, HOSANA…is straight amazing – the colaboration of Take 6 and other great singers (including yourself and New Breed) as well as the orchestra and the african parts….ooooohhh maan that was heart moving stuff!!! love it!

    I hope you can update your blogg hehehe when you can =) you are truly an amazing person. formed and chosen for this great work!

  58. Hi!
    Is there any hopes of you doing a “mighty to save” single reggae version?
    That’s would be awesome

  59. There are some really good interesting blog.

  60. Phumzile says:

    You inspire me. May God bless and enlarge your territory

  61. CHRISTINA says:

    I just wanted to say how much I love your music, Thanks so much for Sharing your praise with the world!!!

  62. Micah Koelsch says:

    I would say “unbelievable” but that would be a lie.

  63. George Ghetia says:

    Dear Mr. Houghton:

    Your prowess as a singer, songwriter and guitarist blew me away the first time I attended Lakewood Church a few months ago. You reach deep down in my soul and pull me closer to my truth every time you perform.

    I’m so glad I live in Galveston County where I get the opportunity to hear your live music and message regularly. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Please keep on makin’ that joyful noise — and feel free to turn it up!

  64. Marisol says:

    I have been so blessed by all your worship songs, I love your last album “Jesus at the Center”, but I noticed you have not scheduled any tours to the east coast (especially NJ). I pray God open doors for you to come with your entire band (including horns), I am a horn player and I love to hear it in gospel/worship music.

    Continual blessings in the ministry God has placed in your heart; continue to keep your heart/eyes focused. One more request, please continue to write and sing more Spanish songs (I am Panamenian) and it just brings a different feel.

  65. MusicNamer is the easiest way to Find the Song Names. Don’t remember the song title and artist? Find and get the name of your favorite song here.

  66. Hey Israel,

    I just wanted to share this true story about my amazing friend Michelle Satchell, her awe inspiring faith & her Victory over Cancer.

    Israel Houghton (You) is a Grammy Award-winning American Christian singer and worship leader, he is one of my fav of all time. My friend Michelle tells me she has tickets to his concert in Auckland & that her and a group of friends are going to be staying the night in a hotel. This was the first I had heard of him coming to NZ & I all of a sudden have this strange feeling that I have to be there. I ask Michelle if I can come she’s like Sweet as Hun we’ll just split the price of the motel room. By the time I try to book me a ticket they only have a few door sales left, to be sold on a first in first serve basis. Its literally the day of the concert, I’m at work, so I email my Head office in Auckland asking if someone could please go the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Stadium in Manukau before 5pm to buy me a ticket. It comes to the end of my work day & I still havent heard anything, I pack my bags and leave for Auckland with Michelle anyway cause I knew that I just had to be there, that I was going to witness something amazing! As I arrive in the car park of the Telstra Events Centre I get a text from one of my colleagues, she has my ticket. I text her details of a Cafe nearby as a meeting point so that I can pick it up & pay her, Im on cloud 9. The cool thing was she wasn’t even a Christian but decides to buy a ticket for her and her daughter too, that was an added bonus.
    The concert was amazing Israel surpassed all my expectations and more, but all the while I’m thinking to myself ok Lord I’m here what is it that you wanted to show me??
    No sooner had I said that Israel introduces his next song called You found me its from his latest album. He explains that this song is for all those who arent well, who may be battling an illness & recites some of the lyrics, ‘You’re the cure for my disease, You are more than enough, More than enough for me, Your grace has made a way, For me to say [i found my need]
    I am found
    I am loved
    I am healed
    I am free!
    He then says I want you to turn to the person next to you I want you to raise your hands over them and declare ‘You are found, You are loved, You are healed, You are free! So I turn to my friend Michelle, as I raise my hands over her my eyes begin to well with tears, I’m fraught with emotion, then all of a sudden this feeling of warmth surges through my body & I say the words with all the might & strength I have in me.
    A few weeks later I go to visit Michelle & she grabs my hand and says feel this Hun and places it just on the underside of her breast. I laugh and jokingly reply Gosh what will people think but then my smile quickly disappears as I feel the thing she is talking about. I know what this is…. Michelle looks at me and asks What is it Hun? I am speechless….I’m looking at my amazing intelligent beautiful friend who has one of the biggest hearts I know, who’s voice can match that of some of the sweetest song birds & I want to scream NO!!! I look her in the eyes, my voice breaks as I say Promise me you will go to a doctor straight away. You need to get this check asap. I couldn’t bring myself to even name this thing & then I remembered what we had declared over one another the night of the concert, my fear disappeared, no matter what she was going to be ok.
    My daughter & I were at a gas station & I saw Michelle driving past. Next minute Michelle comes driving up behind me & tells me the dreaded news…I have breast cancer hun.
    I’m at the Hospital with Michelle for another examination. I hear the Doctor talk about the severity of the Cancer & starts explaining to Michelle the dates scheduled for her Chemo therapy etc…. Michelle interrupts her & says ‘when was that again, all of those dates are clashing with my Haka practices back home (Michelle was the Kaitaataki Wahine for Te Whanau Apanui OR female leader). Can we look at rescheduling those chemo dates please she said with the Sweetest smile ever. My jaw dropped and nearly hit the floor so did the Doctors. There was an uncomfortable silence for a minute or so and everyone in the room is looking at Michelle. Its just that I’m practicing for Matatini, Kapahaka Nationals & I can’t miss a practice I want to be on that stage and on form, she states matter of factly. The Doctor looks Michelle square in the eyes and says, Michelle, I don’t think you understand you’re going to be having chemotherapy now the side effects affect everyone differently but you WON’T be performing on that stage.
    Michelle closed her eyes and shook her head, I literally held my breath, when she opened them I saw the fire of determination burning in them, I WILL BE PERFORMING ON THAT STAGE she declared. I went home that night and researched the type of breast cancer she had been diagnosed with. I found out that she had the most invasive type of breast cancer, fewer then 3% of Polynesian women survived it & Michelle was given only a few months at that to live. I balled my eyes out & cried myself to sleep.
    The next time I saw Michelle I broached the subject of the Chemo with her & my concerns of her changing the dates. She cut me off and said Hun I refuse to accept their death sentence. Jesus has my back hun & don’t you roll your eyes at me she laughed, I’m going to be fine! She proceeded to tell me about all this research she had done about natural alternatives, eating the right diet to boost your immunity before having chemo, lymphatics, Chinese Medicines & that she had taken to using Kawakawa leaves, padding her bra with it to draw out all the impurities. She told me she had postponed her first chemo session to give all these natural alternatives time to work. I believed everything she was saying, man she can be so convincing she could sell ice to the Inuit, but one little thing kept nagging at me, the length of time she was wanting to wait for the natural alternatives to kick in. So I said to her (but at the time I didn’t know how I knew this lol) if the Doctors come back to you with another date you have to promise me you’ll do it. She continued to insist she needed to wait this length of time etc….this time I cut her off and said I believe that Jesus has your back hun, I believe in all these alternative measures you’re doing but if the Doctors come back to you with another date you have to promise to take it…..the Doctors did and she kept her promise.
    Michelle started chemo & the amazing thing was she was well enough to keep on working. She would later tell me that at her chemo sessions, she would try to help the other women, she just felt so sorry for them. I said Hun, do any of them have the type of breast cancer you have, knowing that she had the worst kind, she replied No. Here was my friend with the most invasive type of breast cancer, given only a few months to live and she was the one fussing over & helping the others.
    One afternoon I get a knock on the door and its Michelle she looks so stunning, I remember saying to her Its not fair, look at you, you’re having chemo & you still look amazing! She smiles and says I’ve come to ask a favour hun, Do you have any hair clippers and can you shave off my hair? Before I have the chance to react or say or do anything she pulls out a very stylish wig, styled and cut into a bob and says Check this out hun, its how I’ve always wanted my hair to be, then takes off her scarf & puts it on.
    I look at my friends beautiful mane of silky long hair flowing around her shoulders & down her back beneath it. She takes off the wig & says Look hun my hair has started falling out already, she grabbed at it and a clump of hair came out, See, she said and I’m not walking around with this carry on, every where I go I’ll leave a clump of hair there, she starts to laugh can you imagine she asks?? I look at her for a few quiet seconds…. sit down I tell her I’ll just go and get Vic’s Shaver.
    I shave off all of Michelles hair, Shakira collects it all, braids it & waits for Michelle to stop modelling her wig. Michelle turns to Shakira, Kira hands her the braid & I see the tears began to well in both their eyes. I busy myself by sweeping up the left overs. They hug then Michelle tosses her braid in her bag, pats her new bob gives me a hug & kiss and says thanks hun see ya later. I go to put Victors shaver away and burst into tears, that was one of the hardest things Ive ever had to do!
    I’m at work one afternoon my cell phone rings its Michelle. Hey Hun, I can barely hear her reply, Hun I’m not well can you come over please?? I’m on my way I said, I tell my boss that I’m going to be out for the rest of the day, I jump in my car and zoom over to Michelles. All of my worst fears came to the forefront the moment I lay my eyes on her. She was so pale, had huge shadows beneath her eyes, she didnt look anything like the vivacious full of life person I knew her to be. Hun I’m here, I said, whats wrong? Without even opening her eyes she answers, just a bad bout of chemo they forgot to give me my anti naucious pill….Can you drive me down to Gisborne Hun I have haka practice this weekend?? What I ask? She repeats what she just said. Hun you don’t look well at all the only place Im going to drive you is to the hospital. No! she almost yells, I’m not going there, I’m ok. No you don’t look ok at all Hun, please let me take you to the hospital. No I don’t want to go there, people who go there with this never come out, her voice breaks. Hun, I’m happy to drive you anywhere you want but you seriously look terrible the worst I’ve ever seen you, how bout we stop by the hospital get you checked out & make sure everything is ok first I plead. No she says again this time more defiantly. By this time her flat mate has heard us arguing, she sits on the end of Michelle’s bed and says well if she doesn’t want to go to the hospital she doesn’t have to go. You can’t make her. This comment made my blood start to boil. I know I have to get Michelle to the Hospital & her stupid comment wasn’t helping any. Containing my frustration I turn to Michelle’s flatmate and ask her, Are you a doctor? She looks at me confused, what she asks? Are you a doctor, Yes or No? No I’m not a doctor she replies, Ok well then you don’t know what you’re talking about when you’re trying to stop me from taking her to the hospital to see a real one! She gets up and leaves the room. I kneel down beside Michelle and say Hun please lets not make any assumptions here, there might not be anything wrong with you but isn’t it better to be safe then sorry, lets get you to a hospital get you checked out, if nothings wrong they’ll let you come home, but lets consult with the professionals who know what the heck they’re talking about, cause I couldn’t live with myself knowing I left you here like this & something happened… Hun either you get up and walk to the car or I will carry you there myself. For those who know Michelle she can be stubborn lol but Michelle drags herself out of bed gathers some things and I rush her to hospital.
    At the hospital a nurse takes one look at her and takes her straight through on to a bed. She tries to find Michelle’s pulse but kind find it, then next thing I know there is a swarm of nurses and doctors working on Michelle trying to find a vein to get a drip in to get medicine and fluids into her, but all of Michelle’s veins keep collapsing. Shakira & I pray. Michelle drifts in and out of consciousness. We refuse to leave her side until she is in a stable condition. Finally the Doctor tells me that Michelle is recovering well that she had been severely dehydrated amongst other things, had I not brought her in when I did, we could have lost her. This time I didn’t cry. I knew she had been through the worst of it and she was going to beat this.
    True to her word my friend performed with Te Whanau Apanui and came third overall at the National Maori Kapaphaka Championships Matatini. A year from the date she was diagnosed (remember she had only been given months to live) she was deemed Cancer free. As a precaution they had removed her breast. However when they did tests on it, the breast tissue was 100% cancer free too. I don’t care what science says, I believe all the preparation she had done prior to the chemo treatments boosting her immunity, lymphatics, Chinese herbal medicines, kawakawa leaves had worked & more then that, her faith in the Lord never faltered, Jesus had her back. Michelle went on to graduate with a double degree, she has realised her dream of being a teacher as I’ve mentioned before this women never ceases to amaze me! Today she posted on fb that she is getting reconstructive surgery to make her a new breast. I’m so extremely happy for her.
    Michelle is an amazing women of God, her story is a testament not only of her faith, courage and strength but God’s fulfilments of his promises for her life.
    It is such a privilege & a honour to know her. God Bless you my friend tino arohanui, Philomena, Victor, Shakira, Josiah and Elijah xxx
    You are found, you are loved, you are healed, you are FREE!

  67. someone cares says:

    just wondering why the music had to be a mocking of the satanic Beatles. i had been listening to this CD for a long time, and i loved it, but was very disappointed that i had to through it out after finding out the Beatles played a great deal in influencing this CD. the cover shows him walking the same path and as them which i just realized today after researching it and on the inside of the cover was the 5 abbey road sign with all the signatures and with The Beatles written within the showed parts around the big 5. humm, everyone who has done their research knows that the Beatles along with majority of singing sensation where/are not of god. they did drugs and worshiped another gods besides our lord Jesus Christ. I’m sure Israel knows that there is only one way to god and one way to heaven which is through Jesus Christ. so I’m just wondering if he was aware if this. and if so why use the influence of the unclean instead of just making the CD for believers with the influence of the holy ghost to use for praise and worship? i am deeply sadden by this. i have been finding more and more about these gospel artist and i find that the most popular ones have compromised their believe and walk with Christ with the world.

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  71. Florah Makumbi says:

    praise Jesus! im a kenyan.i always thank God for you really,your songs are just amazing..a day can hardly pass without me listening to them.i love how you make worship music so lively,passionate and full of also an upcoming gospel musician and you are my role model!i pray that God pours more beautiful worship music in you so you may share with the world..may He keep speaking to you so you may keeping speaking to nations.i pray that He may make you grow stronger every day!bless you

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  73. Ralph Pearce says:

    Hears you at Pasadena. Was disappointed that as the SA officer was making a challenge to the audience your band started to pack up their equipment .
    Is it only your ministry that counts?

  74. RitaAnn~ says:

    Dear Israel,

    When I saw your video Just Wanna Say, I wanted to ask if you’d like to possibly encourage the youth in Evansville, IN.

  75. RitaAnn~ says:

    Dear Israel,

    I just saw your video Just Wanna Say, and I wondered if you’d be interested in encouraging the youth in Evansville, IN. I’ve watched this particular group of kids grow up and love them so much I can’t begin to explain. We lost one of our youth some years ago to Leukemia and I watched each child struggle in his/her own way. Little did I know that it would affect the community as a whole. Now, here’s where you come in. 🙂 We are putting together a ‘city wide leukemia awareness Party! and I wondered if you might be able to find the time to come and inspire the youth…
    I’m the little white lady in the photos above and I want to let ‘the next generation of leaders’ know that anything is possible with God.
    The party is in 2014, Sept. 15-20.
    I can’t wait to hear from you, please check out the site of our youth.

    ….mom of many not my own.

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  78. Charletta says:

    I was at the Selah Conference in Chicago last July and you mentioned something like “before you pull out your list”. God wants you to put the list away (maybe even tear it up) and completely focus on “Him” only.

  79. Hannie says:

    Hi Israel,

    I was looking for a way to send you a message and I see in here I can send you one. Your music has blessed me so much, reminding me of the goodness and mercy of God. Thank you for the encouraging songs, it has really helped me to hold on to all Gods promises while going through a valley. It has helped me look up to Jesus and reminds me to keep on searching for His presence in my life and be expectant for His breakthrough. He is faithful. Keep up the good work, God bless you, your family and you ministry brother!

  80. Paula says:

    Your music is from heaven cause it doesn’t sound like anything on earth. Have some new infectious music that will move and compel the heart and soul to re-engage in the good fight. Where do I send?

  81. websites says:

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    hottest updates, therefore where can i do it please help.

  82. Ron says:

    Saw one of your PERFORMANCES on TV. You were at Lakewood. Osteen’s house. You had the cross lit up on the stage. Can’t stop you from abusing the name of Jesus for your fleshly desire to be popular and wealthy, but I can tell you it’s blasphemous. You cheapen, degrade, belittle the meaning of the cross.

  83. Lucy Lou says:

    It’s been 5 yrs since your last blog post! lol – congrats on your continued success. I’m a huge fan and have had the opportunity to see you and the band live at JMM performances and at Pastor Paula White’s Church back in April 2014. Dig your voice and anointed songs. God bless you all. -Lu

  84. Demara Rodriguez (Valcauda) says:

    Hi Israel,

    I look forward to hearing new music with an inspired message from God. I am so excited to see how you continue to serve God, it really blesses me. You were such a sweet kid when I knew you in Globe and I am grateful that you continue to serve God and lead your home as a man of God.

    I’ve been to 3 concerts over the years that you performed in the Northwest and still remain in Seattle with Apphia. Isaiah is living in Albuquerque.

    I just emailed your mom yesterday (and heard back from her) and hope to see her when I visit Isaiah one of these days. Glad that Megan is near by in Taos as I would like to see her as well.

    I found a good church (Philadelphia Church) in the the Ballard section of Seattle.

    I look forward to hearing many new songs from you. May God continue to bless you, your wife, and your children.


  85. Ezra says:

    to israel or anyone in new breed
    talofa lava,

    i know this post was made in 2010 but i just have some question about worship in general. there’s a 99.9 % chance you won’t get back to me but that 0.1% is something i’m willing to put my faith in! i just want to know a little just so i can clarify a few things in my life that have been popping up every once and i while.
    Music has been apart of my life since i was little and it’s something that no medicine could replace.
    if you could please get back to me through email that’ll be awesome.

    • Hey there

      My name is Ronell and I’m visiting the U.K. for a little while I was so glad to hear that there will be a show in London ,I’m travelling from Litchfield all the way to Notting hill gate and I can’t wait to worship with one of the greatest worshipers…is there anyone else attending this concert I’m coming alone I could use a friend

  86. Pedee says:

    I pray you keep speaking into Israel’s heart Father God, in the name of Jesus I pray…

    I hope one day New Zealand will be on the Tour itinerary.

  87. Joshua Hoover says:

    Hey Israel , my name is Josh Hoover. I’m from Fayetteville AR! I’m releasing my first original worship/gospel album in a couple weeks. First I wanted to say thank you, for blending so well the completely diverse music cultures of worship and gospel! Your song ‘Identity’ is my favorite song!! You have become my greatest example of how I want my music to sound! I wrote a song called ‘It Will Never Lose It’s Power’ and it’s a gospel/worship mix of the classic song! When I wrote the song, I was thinking about you and your awesome style!!! The song is powerful and a blast in worship!! It’s a song I believe in so much I’d be willing to do just about anything to have a chance for more people to hear it and come closer to Daddy! It’s not Nashville quality recording but it’s done really well, I play the keys and sing! Please please listen to the song and if it ministers to you give me a call or email! It would be a dream come true to get some feed back from Israel Houghton! 479-871-6365 Here is the song, it’s the one that says JH IWNLIP MASTER 4416.wav! Maybe you’ll love it and wanna have me come up and record it with your band!

  88. Tyler Green says:

    Hey There Israel. I am from Orangeburg, South Carolina. I am apart of a Christian Social justice Movement that focuses on bringing the Love of God into the hearts of individuals, family, communities, and workplaces. I have been listening to your music for sometime now and the message that you send through your music is of course led by God. It is the same message that God is ringing through this Social justice movement. The website is “ Join the movement On showing God’s Love. Love GOD and Love PEOPLE.